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Our goal is to give our customers the best service and products according to their specific need.

Our quality products are all made to the best standards and having relevant Certifications.

Integrated Production

Sales and Marketing ensures a successful production in the right timing.

Logistic / Shipping

We know that logistic / shipping is of great importance and doing our very best to secure fast and reliable shipping.

Quality You Expect

We aim to fully meet your expectations with services and products.

Right Choice

We perform professional customer service in the highest quality.

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About Our Company

NTG Medical is a leading supplier of quality products in the medical sector, including various protective equipment such as face masks, protective suits, etc. and we are recognized for our high level of service and versatile product range.

NTG Medical’s policy is to provide high quality products with relevant Certifications, Test Reports etc.

Our Quality Policy

NTG Medical´s policy is to supply products of high quality / standards and is considered as a leading supplier of quality products within the medical sector.

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